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WHO WORE IT BETTER? Clothes are everywhere we look, however people are bound to like, purchase and wear the same thing.  Today we are asking readers to voice their opinions about who wore this Blue Ruffled Gucci top and bottom better? Miroslava Duma and Jessie J are both beautiful and obviously have impeccable taste. Miroslava Duma wore her outfit to Gucci’s Chime for Change [...]

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WOW Wednesday: Revamping a dress in 4 different ways!

Hello YAL (Young Ambitious Leaders), Today we are showing you how to revamp a dress in your wardrobe to make it go the distance.  We opted for the “not-so-typical” little black dress to show you all that anything can be recycled if styled correctly.  Take a look at the below looks we have created for you today. Are they all [...]

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Throwback Thursday: Louis Vuitton Vintage Suitcase

LOUIS VUITTON Vintage Monogram Bisten 60 Suitcase  This vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase is January Skyy’s featured Throwback Thursday item of the week.  Louis Vuitton is a fashion house that was establlished in 1854.  Ever since the brand was introduced to the world, the pieces has been sought after by people all over the world.  Louis Vuitton represents french excellence and [...]

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Throwback Thursday: Classic Chanel Earrings

CLASSIC CHANEL EARRINGS In this edition of throwback Thursdays, we will feature a pair of Classic Chanel Handbag Earrings.  Chanel is an iconic brand that is beloved among many people of all ages.  These earrings have a distinct look to them, as the main feature is the number 5 hanging from the clip.  The clip has a rustic gold undertone [...]

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Make Over Monday: ARMY FATIGUE

ARMY FATIGUE   Its obvious that Army Fatigues have saturated the market this summer.  Since this print is being shown and sold in just about every store, January Skyy wanted to show you how you can make the most out of your goods.  In this edition of Make-Over Monday, our model will transform her daytime outfit into a chic yet cool [...]

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