About Us

"Where FASHION is the celebrity"

January Skyy is based out of New York City. January Skyy’s mission is to educate society on the history of fashion, while enhancing a person’s individual sense of style.  We will also like to be the preferred fashion resource, among young adults and professionals.

January Skyy does not sell merchandise, but instead offers imminent views about fashion, wardrobe enhancements, and style. Examples of the insight offered by January Skyy are, guidelines to clothing selections for specific occasions, lessons about fashion’s philosophy, and tips about trendy places, fashion finds can be located.  January Skyy caters to a female demographic between the ages of 18-45, however the company is eager to build their male audience. Professionals, young adults, and students are among the class of people who will benefit from January Skyy. In addition to industry insights, January Skyy embodies a customer-based focus, which gives attention to our most valuable assets. In the end January Skyy hopes to be recognized by fellow industry insiders and the public.

-January Skyy

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