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Ron Bass – The Substance [Pictures inside]


AHello YAL (Young Ambitious Leaders),

I had the pleasure of experiencing RON BASS’ first exhibition called The Substance. The Substance was an amazing display of fashion and art paired with music, color and movement. The exhibit was intended to envoke your inner passions as well as guilty obsessions.

18As I entered the exhibition there was no indication of where to go. The only thing that helped guide patrons were shapes, symbols and objects magnified by an illumination of neon colors. The colors were an interesting way to lure the audience into wondering what else was to come.  One of the pieces that stood out was a kings chair. The chair read “Fit for a king but room for my queen“. That message was one of the many that spoke to me because it evoked sexism, however it also managed to bring the essence of love into the mix. Was the chairs hidden message “Man world, but my woman always makes me better” or something else. Either way, I enjoyed how Ron had his guest thinking. After walking through the bottom floor, I walked up one flight of stairs, only to be approached by a sexy woman, in black latex holding a tray of “candy” which read “Don’t take the Molly”. The tray was also a play on todays temptation, and what substances we love and cannot ignore. Finally the big reveal of Ron Bass’ new collection began by a loud ruckus of music, and an interesting display of people pretending to be Ron Bass, until the real Ron Bass emerged.

Overall the event was a huge success and we at January Skyy wish Ron Bass much success with any future endeavors. Enjoy the pictures and tweet us your thoughts @JanuarySkyy #RonBass

Seun “SeeOwn” Ajayi

January Skyy Team | Creative Director 

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