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Skinny jeans, ballet flats and Céline bags make global trends list

Skinny jeans, ballet flats and Céline bags make global trends list
flatsStrategy and consultancy agency Martine Leherpeur Conseil has released its style findings for 25-35 year-old women living in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Paris, reported Fashion Mag.Skinny jeans, ballet flats, stiletto shoes, Céline bags, ankle boots, nail polish and shirts and short, all made the global trend list but with personality differences, reported MLC.In LA, Jean-Philippe Evrard, MLC’s Managing Director said: “There is certainly a slight ‘look-at-me’ factor, but nothing too ostentatious. Outfits often include references to sub-culture groups: the boho and new-age trends are very popular in LA.”

The study showed, women in Shanghai favor a more natural look, even if it requires a laborious beauty routine.

”Very much reflecting the image of the city, the Shanghai woman is somewhere between the East and the West,” said Laetitia Orlandi, Head of MLC’s Shanghai branch.
“Women here often seek the perfect, harmonious silhouette with a little touch of optimism and freedom: a real mix & match.”

Meanwhile, the Parisian is dismisses perfection but MLC’s findings showed the French put the most thought into their look.

Parisian trends include sneakers, vintage bags and tasteless printed jumpers, reported Fashion Mag.

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