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Hello YAL (Young Ambitious Leaders), Nas Suits

Yes, what you’re reading is correct. Rapper Nas has teamed up with Grungy Gentleman’s founder Jace Lipstein to launch a high-end street wear collection called HSTRYJace Lipstein

According to WWD, when asked why he would want to start a clothing line Nas answered “Clothes represent happiness. They’re our protection — even a reflection of what’s in our heads, our thoughts and ideas. Hence the phrase, ‘wearing our hearts on our sleeves…With HSTRY, I’m embracing our greatest moments recorded in time in the form of premium street fashion.” When Lipstein was asked why launch a clothing line, he answered “We wanted to make clothes that guys can wear comfortably but that are superfresh with some kick,” said Lipstein. “It’s streetwear meets high fashion — a direction that a lot of people are going in.”

The line will consist of 33 starting pieces and will be on sale starting this Fall 2013.  The e-commerce site will launch on August 1st for those who are eager for exact dates :-)   Pls note the site will sell also sell other collections that Lipstein has designed.  Here are a few items that will be featured, but according to Nas, its not stopping there. Other non-fashion categories will be added in upcoming seasons.

  • Outerwear (Leather, Wool and a Neoprene Peacoat $1,800).
  • Accessories (wool baseball caps $85-$95, leather ski masks etc.)
  • Flannel shirts w/ leather accents $850
  • Sweaters


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