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American Apparel 7% rise!!


American ApparelHello YAL (Young Ambitious Leaders),

One of our favorite stores has seen an increase in sales during this past month. American Apparel is said to have rose 7% in compariable store sales for the month of June. As you may already know, American Apparel is an American based brand/store, with headquaters in Los Angeles. The company has been struggling over the past few years based on several differenct factors. Hearing about them doing well is always a good thing, because this means they are paying attention to what their audience wants and needs. The increase in sales were dipicted through both online and brick and morter stores, for a total of $55.9 million. Keep up the good work. Tweet us your thoughts about the increase in sales. Tell us what your favorite American Apparel merchandise is, or what you would like to see in the store. @JanuarySkyy #AmericanApparel.

Seun Ajayi

January Skyy Team | Creative Content Editor

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