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Make-up is an essential part in every woman’s life.  Its the finishing touch to a perfect outfit.  It can uplift your spirit as well as transform you into whomever you desire for the night.  Wow Wednesday presents to you “Make-up in moderation”.  This post is intended to teach you how to balance being creative, without looking ridiculous.

Before we begin to advise you on how to achieve the perfect balance between make-up and creativity, we have to stress the importance
 of skin care.  Having beautiful skin is only the beginning, to a life time of compliments.  Be sure to use the correct skin cleansers as well as moisturizers to develop and keep radiant skin.  An example of a cleanser is Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Purifying 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser,  Healthy Skin Radiance Cream SPF 15retailing at $20.00.  This cleanser can be worn two ways, as a regular facial cleanser and then as a mask.  It clears your pores and removes your impurties.  January Skyy’s choice of a moisturizers is Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Radiance Cream;  retailing under $15.00.  This cream is said to leave skin looking healthy, even out your skin tone and texture in just four weeks.  After a few weeks of using the above items, your skin will look gorgeous.
Foiled Love Lipstick

Every woman would love to be the center of attention, for the right reason.  Women love to accentuate their lips and their eyes,  however their should only be one main focus.  When going for a mature look, try using a eye popping lipstick.  A smokey eye will not be required as all of the attention has been diverted to your lips.  Try Kat Von D’s Foiled Love Lipstick in one of her dramatic colors to make the ulimate statement without saying a word.  Follow this rule to keep these two features apart so you never have to worry about a potential make-up faux pas.

Honolulu Honey Satin LipstickThe second thing that should be taken from this post is, the natural look will always be in.  January Skyy appreciates a womans natural beauty and believes it should not be consumed by an abundance of make-up.  In order to look fresh, young and nautral, try applying a light lip color with a neutral eye-shadow. Try NARS Duo Cream eyeshadow in Summer Time, and NARS Satin Lipstick in color honolulu honey for a pure angelic look. When you’re done, you’ll look radiant and natural while still being done-up.

The only time rules do not necessarily apply, is when you’re doing editorial content.  Editorial pictures usually have no rules or
 boundaries to what is or is not acceptable in make-up.  This is when over the top lips can be worn with obnoxious eye care and still look good.  If trying to achieve this look, try purchasing Colourizations by M.A.C.  It comes in 8 colors to produce the ultimate daring look.

Following the above rules, should leave you looking stunning.  Share your pictures with us and we’ll feature you on this page.

- January Skyy


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