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MARCH 2012 Most Fashionable Celebrity: JENNIFER LAWRENCE

Hello YAL, Jennifer Lawrence is January Skyy’s Most Fashionable Celebrity in March 2012.  With her movie The Hunger Games debuting in the United States this month, Ms. Lawrence has been touring the country as well as several other countries to promote her new film.   Jennifer Lawrence is considered one of Hollywood’s young, hot actresses and so its no surprise that she was [...]

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Who Wore It Better? Blake, Jennifer, Nicole, Yvonne or Victoria

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Clothes are everywhere we look, however people are bound to like, purchase and wear the same thing.  Today we are asking readers to voice their opinions about who wore this Black Victoria Beckham collection peplum dress better? All five women are beautiful and obviously have similar taste.  Does Blakes nude legs, Jennifers opaque tights, Nicoles two-tone shoe, [...]

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