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Can Tux

Can Tux


Denim, a cotton twill best known for its rugged feel, connects people of all ages. This universal causal outfit is becoming more acceptable in certain places. Despite its popularity, there are a few reservations that may arise when it comes to denim. These reservations range from how denim is worn, to where denim is worn. Canadian Tuxedos represent denim to the fullest, as it is the pairing of denim jeans with a denim top or jacket. Unfortunately Canadian Tuxedos are known as a fashion faux pas, however we are going to show you how you can make this work for you!

When wearing a Canadian Tuxedo, there are two options regarding how to make it work.

Same Wash Denim

Same Wash Denim

  1. Same color denim bottom, paired with the same colored denim top. -By wearing the same color wash from top to bottom creates a unified look. This will also eliminate different washes competing with each other. When wearing the same color from head to toe, you will be able to have louder accessories to help customize your style.
  2. Dark Jeans Light Top

    Dark Jeans Light Top

    Lighter or darker denim bottom, paired with the opposite as a top. - By wearing opposite colors, you add dimension to your look. Opposite washes creates an edgier feel and helps break up your look.  An example of what opposites can do is, darker jeans help create a clean, smooth line from hip to ankle, while a lighter top, brings out your shape and adds a relaxed feel to your overall look.

Canadian Tuxedo

Canadian Tuxedo

After you decide on whether you prefer to match your denim pieces, you can revamp the Canadian tuxedo by substituting the traditional top for something else.  To achieve a different look, we suggest switching out your denim shirt for a white button up blouse. You can then add a denim vest (matching or non-matching) to recreate the Canadian Tuxedo. Another suggestion would be adding an extra layer of denim. Options to add are a denim jacket or a denim hat. If you’re going to wear a Canadian Tuxedo, why not go all the way.

denim dress

denim dress

Our final piece of advise is doing the unexpected. Since Canadian Tuxedos are primarily known as denim pants and a top, we would advise our readers to try something different. Wear a denim dress and pair it with denim shoes. This will still give off the same effect, however you’ll be different from others wearing the traditional tuxedo.

We hope this article has helped our readers overcome the faux pas behind Canadian Tuxedos. Send in pictures of how and why Canadian Tuxedos are now working for you.  This concludes your WOW Wednesday topic of the week.

-January Skyy

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