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STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

With heartfelt sympathy, January Skyy would like to pay homage to Steve Jobs. He was a visionary beyond all belief, the Einstein of our generation, and although we did not have the pleasure of ever meeting him, he single handily revolutionized technology for the 21st century. He was a living legend, and will be sincerely missed. Many people do not know [...]

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Who wore it better: Eva vs. Victoria

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Clothes are everywhere we look, however people are bound to like, purchase and wear the same thing.  Today we are asking readers to voice their opinions about who wore this Pink Victoria Beckham Collection Dress better? Eva Longoria, best known for her dynamite petite frame, wore the dress back in April 2011. She hemmed the length [...]

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Throwback Thursday: LOUIS VUITTON PUMPS

VINTAGE LOUIS VUITTON PUMPS These Louis Vuitton patent leather slingback pumps are our Throwback Thursday item of the week. These mint green heels are in excellent condition despite being circa twenty years old.  What makes these heels unique, is that they have the LV logo featured in a dice shape. The gold dice also brings out the mint green shade [...]

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Shoe of The Day: Oct 6, 2011

JEFFREY CAMPBELL DARIAN SANDAL Jeffrey Campbell has made January Skyy’s list once again.  This time around, we are showcasing the Darian Sandal in yellow neon. This bright hue will leave a mark anywhere you go. This sandal stands about 5 inches tall, but the covered platform and wedge heel are what makes this shoe stand out most! These heels can [...]

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