Chyna Russell

Chyna Russell


Celebrity Make-up Artist, Chyna Russell is truly blessed.  With her own cosmetic line, and a client base that expands from Brooklyn, NY all the way to the island of Jamaica, one can easily say she’s bound to go the distance.    Here at January Skyy, we present you with an interview on the journey and vision of the ambitious Chyna Russell and Dollhouse Cosmetics.




Tope: How did your career embark as a make-up artist?

Chyna: Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a star. I loved to color , and loved the shades associated w/ makeup. In junior high school I started experimenting with lip gloss. I also loved watching fashion shows. While I watched these fashion shows, I realized that makeup was the essential enhancer to the outfits, and that’s what I would focus on. In high school I started experimenting, doing make up for friends. By the time prom season came around, I was the Go To Girl.

Tope: How and why did the ‘face’ become your canvas?

Chyna: The face is the most interesting part of the body. The symmetries of the face are unique on every individual. The way the eyes are placed, to the symmetric design of the nose, it’s all so fascinating to me.

Tope: What are the essentials in your tool kit?

Chyna: My brushes are EVERYTHING, they’re my life. Concealer is number one. It’s the key thing because it brightens up your face.

Tope: Discoloration is very common within women of color. How can we achieve the appearance of an even-toned complexion?

Chyna: Most women of color do have a problem with discoloration because in our T-zone we have different complexions, so with the 3 in 1 pro-palette concealer from Dollhouse Cosmetics ($22) every shade of beauty can, and will be enhanced. When you’re done, it’ll look like a professional did it.

Tope: How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artist?

Chyna: I am a brow specialist, so of course eyebrows as well as the ‘sparkle eyes’ are my signature look. My style always enhances the natural beauty of my client. When it comes to eyebrows, they must be sculpted to your natural shape, which I do very well. Some people don’t know to sculpt them, instead they usually fill in the empty spots with pencil. However, with the brow kit ($22) from Dollhouse cosmetics, it contains a light shade, dark shade, and wax. The wax is fundamental when properly sculpting an eyebrow because it gives you that natural look and last longer. The wax blends your hair with the brow shades, as it warms up your loose hairs. The wax also allows your hairs to lay down nicely, giving every woman the perfect arch and fullness an eyebrow should always have.

Tope: What are some common beauty mistakes women make?

Chyna: A lot of women think more is better, but really, less is more. Makeup is meant to look beautiful. Foundation is meant to match the skin, not visibly noticeable. As far as eyelashes, synthetic eye lashes need to stop being the “it” thing to wear, because it takes up to 3months for a single strand to grow back. Human hair eye lashes are the best way to go.

Tope: Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Chyna: My mother, she saw it years ago and has always been my biggest fan. My children, God, Sam Fine, and Mally Roncal.

Tope: Dollhouse cosmetics is your makeup line. How did you come up w/ the name Dollhouse?

Chyna: I used to be in a girl group called “The Dolls”, but it really goes back to me being a kid. Most young girls love dolls, and associate beauty with dolls. The thing is, even as an adult, women still have that soft spot for dolls, so that’s where I got the name “Dollhouse Cosmetics”.

Tope: Can you tell us about Dollhouse cosmetics?

Chyna: Dollhouse Cosmetics came about from a vision I had for women to define natural beauty. Created and funded by myself (no investors), Dollhouse Cosmetics consists of 10 products guaranteed to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. The products are the brow kit, 3 in 1 concealer, mascara, eye shadow, press powder, lipstick, lip-gloss, eye liner, foundation sticks, and bronzers. I live by my products.

Tope: What are some of your favorite products from your line, and what products do you think are imperative in a woman‘s purse?

Chyna: This is such a hard question. I really cant choose, because I love all my products, but I would have to say the brow kit, 3 in1 concealer, and mascara are my go-to products. They should be in every females makeup bag.

Tope: What is your most memorable moment you have had while doing someone’s makeup?

Chyna: About four years ago at the Jacob Javits Center I became star struck. There was a huge makeup artist from B.E.T. She actually stopped me as I was walking by and complimented me on my makeup. My make up consisted of a smoky eye. Since I had only worked on one model, I was surprised when she then came over to the counter and asked me how I applied the smoky eye and pink lips on the model. This is going to sound crazy, but I didn’t even have the pink lipstick to show her, because instead of lip stick I had used pink eye shadow! I didn’t have it, and I had to make due. She looked at me and said, “You got this, that was so innovative of you to create this look without the proper makeup.“ That day is one I cant forget.

Tope: Which celebrity, past or the present do you wish to work with?

Chyna: I would really love to do Gabrielle Union’s makeup.

Tope: What’s hot now in terms of makeup, and which trends would you prefer disappear?

Chyna: Deep colors are in now, and they enrich a women’s beauty. As far as trends that I wish would disappear; I’m so tired of seeing pink lipstick! Oh, and I cant forget the blues/greens, etc. Trust me, they wont last, definitely a trend.

Tope: Thank you for allowing our readers at January Skyy to get to know you. Any final words for our readers?

Chyna: I just want to thank everyone who has supported me, I am honored and grateful.  Website coming soon! Thanks to Loveys Boutique and Tionna Smalls. Believe in the impossible.  Stay focused, humble, and driven. Scoody for life.!/glammeupchyna


- Tope Ajayi


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