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ANDROGYNOUS From the moment we are conceived, a side is chosen for us. Our gender influences the majority of our future decisions. Your gender dictates what you should eat, what sports you should play and even what lavatory to use.  Gender can also influence what a person should or should not wear.  January Skyy understands that rules are changing and [...]

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Who wore it better: Jessica vs. Kim

WHO WORE IT BETTER? Clothes are everywhere we look, however people are bound to like, purchase and wear the same thing.  Today we are asking readers to voice their opinions about who wore this Love Sam blouse better? Jessica Simpson, best known for showing off her legs, wore her leopard print top with a pair of daisy dukes.  Kim Kardashian-Humphries [...]

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Shoe of The Day: Sept 28, 2011

CUSTOM MADE BOOTS  These shoes are custom made boots from London, by designer Frosdick.  They looked so amazing we had to feature them on our site.   The shoes are made of authentic zebra skin and leather, with trimmed brass buckles.  These boots are definitely safari inspired but uber chic.   January Skyy is obsessed with this shoe so we [...]

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